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Scholarship places at Lodestar Tuition

At Lodestar Tuition we know the enormous benefits that private tutoring can give to young people, but we also appreciate that not every one can afford it.

In September 2013, a survey in England and Wales by the Sutton Trust highlighted the learning gap that existed and called for action to narrow the gap for less advantaged children.  Although Scotland was not covered by the survey, we know the same gap exists here and want to play a small role in reducing it.

Lodestar Tuition has reserved places for students who would benefit from tuition but who cannot afford to pay for it.  If you are a teacher, social worker, foster parent or other concerned adult who knows of a student who needs our help, then please contact us. All we ask is that the student is motivated and wants to learn.

All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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